Granny had a hope chest which she had meticulously prepared with hopes, dreams and loving care throughout her maidenhood, carefully storing away her whole life and leaving it to us as her legacy; I opened granny's trunk and got lost in the old pictures and beautiful things she had crafted.

I opened my eyes on a cool summer morning to pure white, soap-scented sheets. While the kitchen was busy being prepared for the day, I mingled with the other kids who were playing joyfully in the street.

I washed up in the bathroom heated by the stove with a sparkling fire, wrapped and dried myself with flowing peshtemals.

I had my afternoon tea with my parents and the neighbours served on a handmade tablecloth. The garden table was set with china from the cupboard on a carefully laid tablecloth, and the sound of laughter was heard while the plates and glasses were filled with treats.

I fell asleep, my head on the colourful embroidered pillows on the sofa. Then in my grandmother's arms, I was carried to the sweet-scented bed and wrapped up in soft bedding with a smile on my face, I let myself drift into another dream with peace and happiness.

my home, my nest, my cocoon

"Coming back home is something to be celebrated. My soothing heaven, where I run and hide from the stress of daily life, competition and technology, must embrace me with all its naturalness.

My relaxing cocoon must be quiet in spite of the rush of the outside world.

Everything decorating my house must feel fresh, comfortable, modest and natural.

My house offers enthusiasm, joy, a sense of belonging and sharing, and must be divine as itself..." 


Our Vision:

We will be the company of choice to interact with while focusing on our customers and our highest quality premium products which recognised as the preeminent problem solver, unbeatable in quality, service or value.

Our Mission:

We are an entrepreneurial organisation passionate about our people and products and we provide the highest level of quality and customer service.

Our mission is to grow by:

- Fostering our customer relationships (both)
- Identifying and providing superior solutions to customers' needs (in any situation and to see problems as solutions and growth opportunities)
- Being more agile and responsible and the easiest and innovative
- Utilising technology and resources to adapt to the ever-changing environment
- Conducting our business in a highly professional manner
- Employing innovation, new product development, and attracting and retaining the best people
- Seeking continuous improvement in everything we do.

Our Core Values:

All associates are governed by the following principles:

- Integrity: Do the right thing. Be honest. Be ethical.
- Professionalism: First class in every aspect of people, product, and service.
- Respect: Accept and appreciate others.
- Open Communication: Tell it like it is. Timely communicate the good, the bad and the ugly.
- Responsibility: Own the problem, seek the solution. Be accountable for your actions and results.
- Competitive spirit: Strive to innovate, improve, and win.
- Commitment: Do what it takes.
- Productive: Achieve goals in a timely and efficient manner.
- Enjoyable work environment: Have fun, be fulfilled and satisfied in your work.